Sample Technology Research Paper Sample on Wireless Device Application

Wireless Device Application

The radical changes in consumer behavior have caused continued roll of businesses as newbies and already existing businesses strive to satisfy their divergent customer needs. In the networking industries, the changes have been from core network frameworks and configurations towards the adoption of applications tasked with various responsibilities. The concepts of Ecommerce and E-payments have made substantial changes in consumer behavior, making businesses to struggle even more in terms of customer value. This implies that operations have to be customer focused to enable service providers to gain profitability. Customer service providers engage in services such as internet access, personal broadband and personal infotainment.

The three aspects of service provision entail different features and are accessed differently by customers. For instance, internet services allow customers to access various sites and to engage in transfer of information and communication purposes. On the other hand, personal broadband enables customers to access various protocols via the appropriate broadband. It also increases the personalization of various features in the communications prospects. Personal infotainment involves provision of various infrastructures which allow customers to access a wide range of personalized uses.

There are several business models that are applied by service providers to add value to customer experiences. The Verizon Wireless Machine to Machine communication device enables the users to coordinate between connected wireless devices and individuals. Through the use of this device self management of every device can be achieved from a single portal. The device comes with several benefits to users. These benefits include increased latency, heightened security among others. The device has allowed Verizon Wireless to provide greater quality in terms of service provision. In addition to this, this wireless device uses the Long Term Evolution strategy which offers many more advantages in comparison to the conventional business models (Jannelli & Diego, 2012). The key revenue sources for the device use come from access fee. This implies that the devices used such as Dongles have to be fitted with terminals with roaming capabilities to give access via a wide area range (Verizon Wireless, 2012).

Sprint Wireless Business uses Mobile Media as the key business model. This particular model is used based on its ability to provide access to internet services at a faster rate. The sprint business model generates income through access fee as well as providing subscription services to users (McQuade & Khanfar, 2011). Despite the effectiveness of the model, some of the configurations used are weird, making it difficult to access the configurations at all times. Other business models relate to AT & T and Mobile DSL models (AT & T, 2013). The AT & T wireless business model is more applicable in areas where internet access is slow and in which wired devices are incapable of satisfying consumer needs. Each of these has different advantages and disadvantages and can be used in different settings.

From the analysis of the three companies, it is clear that the use of the wireless technologies is common among wireless service providers. However, each of the providers uses different business models with different features. This can be understood from the factors considered in the choice of wireless business models such as timeframe, demographics and geographical areas. The three companies have all focused on making their business models customer centric in spite of using different strategies. Understanding the customer needs is a crucial aspect of operation considering the prevalence of competition in the industry. The three organizations are also different in terms of how their business models generate revenue.



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