Sample Technology Paper On TESLA’s New Battery Technology

Homework Question on TESLA’s New Battery Technology

Discuss and illustrate TESLA’s new battery technology and cite at least 3 sources.

Homework Answer on TESLA’s New Battery Technology

The new battery technology that Tesla Company has come up with is referred to as powerwall, which is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for home use. The battery is of a small size and hence enabling the user to mount it on a garage wall or at the home exteriors. The battery technology is meant to allow the consumers to store electricity for load shifting, domestic use, and to backup power.

The full production is however not announced, but the pilot demonstrations have been available for about 500 units that were built and installed in the year 2015. The whole battery technology system has a battery itself as one of its components, software that is meant to receive and dispatch commands from a solar inverter and a liquid thermal control system (Bulman 126-127).

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The battery technology invented by Tesla Company is available in two different sizes depending on the uses. For instance, 10kWh and a 7kWh modified to achieve maximum efficiency in backup applications and utilized in everyday cycling as a component of a larger solar system respectively. The technology applied in the batteries is based on the architecture of the power train and the parts of the electric vehicles that are manufactured by the Tesla Company.