Sample Technology Paper on Democratized A/V Technology

Title: Democratized A/V Technology

Thesis: Creativity among humanity continues to have both sides of improvement and faults. I would argue that currently one would get almost all needs at just one button touch of phones and computers. This might sound more advantageous in handling emergencies, as it saves on time and cost. However, the effect of democratized technology has limited the power of thinking among humans.

i)Introduction:  Democratized A/V Technology refers, to the process by which there is continuous expansion of the use of audio visual techniques in creation of ideas and dissemination of information to reach the masses (Maes 11).

ii)Effects of Democratized A/V Technology.

 Economic effect: Democratized technology has eased the cost of production on both music designing industries. and. For instance, music symphonies and beats can be generated in phones. In addition, the film producers shoot and edit movies by use of phones (Maes 11). Designers too can print 3D photos and trade them online.

Political effect: Inpolitics, the use BVR kits influence the data presented on the screens. The experts only translate the votes on the screens of computers and projectors and it is viewed on real time as voting takes place. 

Cultural effects: The culture of laxity and laziness has cropped in different societies. This has resulted as most people only want what are readily available, hence limiting people from creativity (Maes 13). Secondly, technology has impacted on people’s relationships. The culture of chatting through video skyping as enabled relatives on far lands to see each other and communicate on real time. On negative side, technology of A/V has fueled the culture of less personal touch among the people as people would prefer to video chat rather than paying actual visits to family.  

iii) Conclusions: Weather dramatized A/V technology is worse idea or better idea is an eloquent personal view point to digest and debate.

                                                      Work Cited

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