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  • When that energy becomes available, It will result in significant changes in our society. Jobs will be lost, and new jobs will be gained. Some businesses will disappear and some new ones will arise. Some will stay the same and some will be essentially the same with some modifications.
  • Some businesses not now possible economically in Utah may become major industries. Some political situations will change markedly. In this homework you are to consider three areas;
  1. What will begin to disappear,
  2. What new things will begin to appear, and
  3. What things will stay essentially the same, possibly with minor adjustments. Please think of two (2) things in each of the 3 areas and tell why you think changes will or will not take place

Homework Answer on Technology

Energy can be seen in some perspective to be the backbone of the lives of people. In this case, energy becomes the root of life specifically when it is used to bring some good change to the lives of its users. For instance, it can be used in factories to produce some commodities that the producer sells to the market. As a result, the producer gets some earnings that he or she uses to meet some of the needs and wants that he has.

It qualifies to be the root of human life because it is used in different settings such as at home, at the place of work, at schools as well as in religious places. Several changes are associated with the availability of energy. Some of these changes will result to some things disappearing, other new things will come and others will remain unchanged or will experience some minor adjustments.

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Some of the things that will disappear include environmental richness as well as jobs that were done manually. In this case, use of energy results to emissions that are destructive to the environment and thus will lead to degradation of the surrounding. For instance, if there are energy fossils in a certain area, mining of the fossils will lead to the land becoming bare with loopholes that make the place ugly. In addition to this, energy will lead to loss of jobs, specifically jobs that rely on human efforts. This is because with energy, new facilities and equipment required to do some work will be developed and thus this means that some people will lose their jobs.