Sample Technology Essays On Technology by Neil Postman

Homework Question on Technology by Neil Postman

  • Assess how the topic of technology is expressed in the work.
  1. Does the representation of the technological system seem accurate? How so? What does the work seem to say about technology? Articulate your response to the work.
  2. Does the portrayal of technology in the work“strike a chord” with you? In what way?
  3. How does it coincide with, affirm, or challenge your own beliefs regarding the nature of technology?
  4. Interpret the technological message in the work. What is “the message”, if any, that is presented in the work? How do you know?
  5. What elements in the work support your interpretation?
  6. What elements in the work seem to reinforce the technological message in the work?
  7. Write an analysis of the technological expression in the work. What seems to be the purpose of the technological aspect of the work?

Homework Answer on Technology by Neil Postman

Neil Postman’s argument in the book Technopoly: The Surrender of Culture of Technology tends to elaborate on the relationship between technology and humans. According to Postman, society is saturated with information derived from technology, thus, individuals are relying on technology, rather than culture, to understand how to survive contentedly with each other. Technology has developed from a tool-using culture into technocracies and eventually to technopolies, based on the shift in people’s attitudes.

The computer has been made everything that individuals need in the process of communication. Technology is the message that social research failed to discover. As a technological determinist, Postman observed that the utilization of technology is largely dependent on its structure under which it forms instead of the social structure.Most people have embraced technology without considering its dark side.

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Marx observed that technology has offered man the tactics of dealing with nature, in addition to creating the conditions that necessitate relationships with each other (Postman 14). Marx also claimed that technologies transformed people’s perception of reality, thus, enabling them to understand how to carry on with social and mental life. However, new technology has altered the structure of individuals’ interests, leading to the emergence of technopolies.