Sample Technology Essays On Technology and Cultural Diversity

Homework Question on Technology and Cultural Diversity

  • Research and write in your own words using MLA format a one full page paper on technology and cultural diversity. By this I mean how the use of technology differs from culture to culture. It could be focused on a particular type of social media like Face Book, I phones, etc. or it could be focused on the use of technology in the work place. It could focus on communications using technology or on the equipment.
  • Use at least two sources for your information and cite those references correctly for MLA formatting.
  • Use the Word Tools to Create Source, Insert Citations, and Insert Works Cited (Bibliography features. Write in your own words with correct grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation.

      Homework Answer on Technology and Cultural Diversity

Currently, technology is applied in almost every aspect of life. Unlike in the part when individuals depended on personal strength and abilities, with the current innovation machines have replaced human power in carrying out daily chores. Different cultures use technology to serve different purposes depending on their need and the issues at hand. The varied uses of technology in the society are mostly to ensure ease in carrying out of the activities.

The other important advantage of technology is the fact that it bridges the gap that initially existed for instance the technological advances in the communication sector where individuals nowadays use mobile phones and the internet compared to postal mails and other traditional methods that were used before (Parvis, 21).

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From the cultural perspective, technology is widespread though the application varies from culture to culture depending on the beliefs and basic practices that a community engages in. for instance while one society may decide to use technology to control energy or create more another group may decide to ease transportation by create transport mechanisms this application of cultural diversity for societies may have unpredicted changed for the conditions of living (Daniel, Ritu and Katherine, 323).