Sample Technology Essays On Education and Technology

Homework Question on Education and Technology

  • Use appropriate language to respond to the following:
  1. “Should schools embrace computers and technology?
  2. How does an increasing dependence on technology impact the operation of the classroom?
  3. Does more technology help or hinder learning?” Discuss your perspective and provide outside support for your opinion.

Homework Answer on Education and Technology

The use of technology and computers has permeated everyday life. More operations and transactions heavily rely on technology and computers, and it is only prudent that schools and the entire education fraternity embrace technology. Although it comes with its caveats, schools should embrace technology in the classrooms given the dynamic nature of technology and its ability to enhance learning among its users. Through the advancement of computers and technology, schools should embrace the use of the two given the associated benefits presented to both students and instructors.

The use of technology in the classroom enhances the opportunity of interaction among learners and between learners and instructors through enhanced collaboration (Bester & Brand, 2013). Technology also helps in connecting learners in a wide range of learning styles, engaging the learners more in the learning experience, as well as allowing learners to learn at individual pace.Although many continue to question the dependence on technology and how it impacts a classroom’s operations, it has indeed transformed the traditional dynamics within a classroom.

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The teacher, for instance, has transformed from being the sole custodian of knowledge to a guide (Richtel, 2011). The use of technology additionally makes it easier for teachers to follow up on learners, enabling them to pay attention to different learners despite their different abilities.Embracing technology in the classroom enhances learning. Studies conducted on the use of technology in the classroom have shown significant achievement among students exposed to technology than those not exposed (Bester & Brand, 2013.