Sample Technology Essays On Economic Espionage and Trade Secret

Homework Question on Economic Espionage and Trade Secret

  1. 3-Page essay addressing and providing background context and a current status of a major U.S. export enforcement, economic espionage, trade secret, or embargo-related criminal case.
  2. The source document to select a case from is attached (see uploaded additional material). The paper should focus on the case which should be of a scientific or technological issue and be strategic intelligence related.
  • Paper should be double-spaced with 12 fond and one-inch margins.
  • Paper should be properly cited with end notes; not part of the 3-page count. Six sources should be cited; do not cite Wikipedia.

Homework Answer on Economic Espionage and Trade Secret

According to Snider, economic espionage “is the prohibited and unlawful act of trying to acquire any sensitive trade or economicpolicy, financial, technological information or property from another person or business organization.” Economic espionage target mostly trade secret and title deeds. Trade secret is any information, process or formula that business organization considers classified. Trade secrets help a business organization to compete with other businesses fairly.

Pittsburgh Corning Corporation is an American company that engages in cellular glasses that are used for insulation by different companies and individuals. Pittsburgh corning operates under the name FOAMGLAS® and the company headquarters is in Pennsylvania. The materials produced by Pittsburgh Corning are used in insulating industrial piping system, buildings, and storage tanks that contains liquefied natural gas. Pittsburg Corning markets include energy companies, natural gas companies, and petroleum companies.

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The trade secret of Pittsburgh is FOAMGLAS®, which the company regard it as the formula and manufacturing process.Ji Li Huang and Xiao Guang Qi, both citizens of China aged 46 and 33 years old respectively, were sentenced in Western part of Missouri for trying to steal Pittsburgh Corning’s trade secret. Ji is the chief executive officer of Ningbo Oriental Crafts Limited and Qi is an employee at the company. Ningbo oriental crafts limited is a Chinese company that deals with manufacturing promotional products for export to America and Europe.