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Homework Question on Cloud Computing and Mobile Device Forensics

  • Sam Miller is the regulations and compliance officer for Technology Inc. He came in to his office in Tucson, Arizona on Monday morning and noticed the rarely-used compliance reporting tip line indicated there was a message waiting for him. Sam played the message and was informed by the anonymous caller that one of the delivery drivers in the Malaysian office has been using the Technology Inc. vehicles and mobile devices assigned to him to pick up and deliver gambling money for a local bookie. Sam does some preliminary investigating and discovers that this situation is politically sensitive, as the delivery driver is also the son of a local Technology Inc. executive. The office in Malaysia is located in a small town near the coast. It functions primarily as a distribution point for resellers and service customers throughout the region. There are 36 employees, including warehouse and delivery employees, billing and local HR representatives, an office manager, and several sales staff. The office staff has been issued laptops and the warehouse and delivery staff has been issued tablet computers. All of the delivery drivers have been issued a cell phone so they can communicate with the office staff, which is charged with troubleshooting any problems that the drivers may encounter as they go about their routes. The company vans are assigned to drivers each day as they report to work, and each of the vans has been outfitted with a GPS device to assist the drivers in locating their delivery locations. Sam calls you and asks you what you need in order to determine the validity of this complaint while restricting knowledge of the situation as tightly as possible.
  1. Engage in hands-on tablet computer and infrastructure digital forensic analysis..
  2. Engage in hands-on smart phone computer and infrastructure digital forensic analysis..
  3. Engage in hands-on GPS device and infrastructure digital forensics analysis..
  4. Explore the impact of cloud storage as a factor in completing a forensics analysis of a mobile device.

Homework Answer on Cloud Computing and Mobile Device Forensics

Digital forensic evidence is acquired through an investigation process. The process goes through three stages as follows: acquisition of exhibits, analysis, and reporting. Acquisition is concerned with capturing of tablet memory (RAM) and having a sector level duplicate. Then, Conduct an analysis of the keyword on digital media to extract registry information and recover discarded files. The files analysis will eventually lead to reporting phase that is in a written form.

Smart phone computer and infrastructure digital forensic analysis will also follow the same procedure as tablet computers forensic. Sam will first acquire data from Smartphone (RAM), followed by intensive analysis of the files. Deleted files will be recovered in digital media hence leading to discovery of the activities that the driver has been involved in (Yuan, Yang, and Chen 45).

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Hands on GPS devices and infrastructure can aid in the investigation where tracking of the drivers routes is possible. Sam should track the movement of the delivery vehicle and record the details to work as evidence. This will lead to the discovery of the exact places the driver visits as well as the delivery he makes in a day-to-day routine job.Cloud storage has several impacts on the forensic investigation work as follows. Firstly, cloud storage may lead to access of information by unauthorized parties such as hackers who may utilize the information for their own good.