Sample Technology Essays On Big Data

Homework Question on Big Data

  • View the Database video.
  1. How does Big Data play a role in collecting, sorting, cleaning and analyzing data on America’s resources, constraints and capacity to produce?
  2. Integrate the concepts of Hadoop, Mahout, MapReduce, Big Table, Cassandra and data lakes into your report.
  3. Read the two papers on supply chain management risk and ILOWA. How would an effective ERP such as SAP improve the supply chain, reduce risk and improve sustainability?

Homework Answer on Big Data

Big data are forms of data sets that are beyond the execution capabilities of common software tools. They are complex data set that requires predictive analytics methods to come up with a formidable decision. This data performs quite a number of tasks for American resources as outlined below. The first role is the collection of data in a pool of data sets that are sorted using advanced software’s such as hadoop (James Rodger, 2014).

The following graphic represents the four dimensions of big data break down. It is comprised of four Vs, which represent volume, velocity, variety, and veracity.The data is collected from a variety of sources which is arranged into four categories as shown in the above diagram. Unnecessary data is filtered from the system. There is scaling down of data to allow decision makers to analyze the variety of data presented.

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Mahout algorithms are collaborative in the filtration process of scaled data. The above graphic is an example of big data IBM applies in sorting out its data. The analyzed data is used by American government to make use of resources available.In addressing constraints of resources, big data uses application such as the mahout, big table, data lakes and Cassandra in splitting down data into usable information’s.