Sample Technology Essay Summary on the Trend That is Interesting to me– Facebook

Trend that is Interesting to me – Facebook

Facebook is one of the most interesting technologies in the world today. The Facebook Company was begun by Mark Zuckerberg through initial financial help from Eduardo Saverin. Following this invention, the application was soon known in a few months. Mark Zuckerberg worked with his partner Dustin Muskovitz on Facebook which was his academic project. Facebook was tried through the help of some students at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg and his partner later dropped out of Harvard to continue working on Facebook. The two tried Facebook at Harvard and was soon accepted and expanded to Yale and Stanford. From 2005 to the present times, Facebook has grown tremendously in terms of the number of applications, as well as in the total revenue generated by the application. The uses of Facebook have also increased through incorporation in social networking as well as in various business places. The appealing features and tools associated with Facebook have all made it possible for it to be used in the business as well as social environment.

The reason why Facebook is the most interesting technology in contemporary times is because of the impacts it has on human life. Facebook has enabled information sharing globally. In the diverse business environment, Facebook enables people to donate funds to their organizations. Facebook also brings together various aspects of communication such as the Media, socializing and news. The use of Facebook in businesses has also made it possible to enhance the impacts of marketing effects in the business environment. In the concept of globalization, Facebook has helped to increase unity and to enhance democracy. While this is effective, negative use of Facebook has also led to escalations of uprisings in countries such as Libya and Yemen.


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