Sample Technology Essay Summary on Technology and Cultural Diversity

Technology and Cultural Diversity

In the contemporary times, technology is used in almost every aspect of human life. Contrary to the past when the dependence of individuals was on personal abilities and strengths, this has since changed. In different cultures, technology has been used to replace human power in the accomplishment of daily roles. This varied use of technology helps to serve different purposes based on the situation and are used to ensure the activities are carried out easily. Technology further closes the gap that has been in existence in the social context in that media can now be used in aspects such as communication through mobile phones (Parvis, 21). Technology is also spread from a cultural perspective depending on the basic community practices and beliefs. Although the use of technology varies from culture to culture, it is clear that technology is widespread in all cultures.

The use depends on the practices and beliefs of the community (Daniel and others 323). For example, while one community may use technology for energy control or creation, another group may still use the same for easing transportation through creation of transport mechanism. The growth of technology dates back to several centuries. Individuals can increase food production through application of little energy. Technological changes occur as a result of the increased population of leading individuals who explore other means of sustaining humanity. Frequent use of technology enables individuals to develop complexities in expression of behaviors because of the prolonged use of specialized machines, for instance computers. The technological tools foster efficiency and change but have also been faulted for creating changes in the socio-cultural contexts where they are applicable.


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