Sample Technology Essay Summary on Metamaterials


Chemical bonds and elements that constitute a material determine the properties of that material. The differences in material properties have led to the establishment of different techniques for studying material science, some of which include nanoscience and nanotechnology. Although metamaterials look linked natural crystal, they are made from materials that do not exist naturally. Through the connection of metallic resonators using electromagnetic waves, the results are referred to as metamaterials. The physical properties of metamaterials do not therefore depend on the properties of the constituent parts.

The invention of metamaterials has improved the material design power since people are free to design according to their will. The design of metamaterials makes it possible to determine qualities of the product by embedding different fabricated inclusions into what is referred to as the host medium through the use of electromagnetic waves (Zouhdi and others 19).

The reaction of any of the materials used in the presence of an electromagnetic wave depends on the properties of the embedded constituents. In recent times, metamaterials are increasingly being used in different sectors such as public safety, naval research and battle field communication among others. In naval research, metamaterials are responsible for the production of invisibility in sub marines. In the production of antennas, metamaterials increase sensitivity through the ability to achieve magnetic permeability. They have also been used in the creation of cloaking devices which use microwaves (Wartak and others 32).

Acoustic metamaterials are used for the manipulation of sound. The unique features of metamaterials have made the subject an interesting topic for study. This has continued to generate interest across several fields creating need for greater information in many areas. Metamaterials have certainly made the study of material science much more interesting.

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