Sample Technology Essay Summary on How Digital Technology Builds Communities

How Digital Technology Builds Communities

Digital technology impacts the global communities in various ways. The objective of digital technologies in current times is to improve interactions between people by understanding their cultures, nationalities and beliefs. The ease of use, ease with which the digital concepts can be incorporated in everyday life and the popularity of digital media among communities has been the driving factor behind the increasing use of digital media in communication across the globe. Digital media has also led to globalization, and building of global communities through digital story telling.

Digital story telling involves sharing of stories and personal experiences through the use of digital media. People across the globe can apply their freedom of expression and creativity across different media and accessories that use digital technologies. The technologies increase efficiency and convenience and thus enable interaction without the constraint of physical distance and socio-economic hurdles (Hartley and McWilliam 177-180). The advantage of digital media is that it enhances interactions without regard for physical hurdles.

Digital technologies enable individuals to express their experiences, emotions, ideas, customs and details through various transmissions across global villages. Through the use of accessories such as digital cameras, video recording devices and other forms of digital technologies, individuals can choose the media through which they can represent their emotions and transmitting them to others. The ease with which such applications are available and their accessibility to people across different nations makes them an easy form of interaction with the others. Web based platforms encourage cheap and convenient learning, and sharing of value and personal ideas in diverse social settings (Malita and Boffo 5-9). This enhances oneness and closeness and enhances the growth of common and international values and perceptions.


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