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Homework Question on Effect of Climate Change on Human Settlement and Society

-Effect of climate change on human settlement and  society?

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Homework Answer on Effect of Climate Change on Human Settlement and Society

Climate change is an undeniable phenomenon that is expected to have significant consequences for all nations in the world and for sustainable development. It has been posited that the biggest polluters are not necessarily the most affected, which is the main focus of this paper. Climate change has severe impacts for nations and regions as it leads to changes in temperature, precipitation, fresh water availability as well as indirect consequences such as flooding, droughts, and the spread of diseases. A nation like China which is the biggest polluter suffers fewer consequences of this pollution than Kenya, a nation whose contribution is insignificant. This information is pivotal for driving debate on how nations should apportion their pollution as well as contribute towards the mitigation of climate change.

Keywords: Climate change, economy, culture, pollutants, impact

Effect of Climate Change on Human Settlement and Society

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The effects of climate change are numerous and vary between regions and nations depending on geographical as well as economic factors. Climate change impacts on human settlements adversely leading to phenomena like drought, floods, migration and numerous direct and indirect costs. This paper looks at the global effects of climate change before exploring the effects on the economy, culture, and development of two nations; China and Kenya. This paper posits that climate change has dire effects on the culture, economy, and development of all nations, but the least pollutants are almost always the ones most affected.