Sample Technology Coursework Paper Summary on Technology Lifecycle

Technology Lifecycle

The evolution of technology used in communications has enhanced business performance, making business operations more efficient. From the traditional eras where communication involved less complicated methods, the mode of communication has continued to evolve into greater ease and more efficiency. The evolution of communication technology began with the conversion of the Greek alphabet into numeric characters in 150BC. This was followed by the period within which messages were sent over long distances using smoke signals. This acted as a predecessor to the invention of the telegram in 1844.

Following the telegram, the telephone was invented by Graham Bell in 1876. From there hence, evolutions in telephone technology has led to the movement from the dial up phones to the currently used mobile phones which are portable and even more efficient. With the emergence of internet technologies, communication in the business environment has been made even more efficient as people use methods such as e-mails.

The evolution in communication has made great impact on businesses. For instance, one of the companies that have experienced the impacts of communication change is Wal-Mart. The technologies enabled by the internet such as video-conferencing, e-mails and the use of social networks for communication have enhanced business efficiency for Wal-Mart (Kautonen & Karjaluto, 2008). Through incorporation of these new communication technologies into their normal practices, Wal-Mart has created an opportunity for long term growth. The use of social media channels and other technological advanced communication strategies has enabled the company to develop new avenues for sales. This is because customers use such communication channels for purchase and it is also easier for the company to assess the level of customer satisfaction achieved.


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