Sample Technology Article Review Paper on Saving Time Writing/Reading

Saving Time Writing/Reading

Writing is a daily exercise in the lives of different students. It is therefore important for the students or other writers to adopt time management skills so that they could still get time for other studying. In ensuring this is achieved, there have been various tools to help the students develop skills that could help them reduce the time spent in writing.

The application of has really helped in reducing the time spent in writing. It is because it has a citation generator which enables the writers to automatically implement the modern writing styles like the APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard for free.

Tutors class

It is important for students to seek help from there tutors than wasting too much time trying to understand the subject themselves since studying can sometimes be very difficult. I believe that it is more easier and faster to connect with a tutor online as compared to classrooms since it saves on the time spent in travelling in search of schools. Also you can use this tool to teach other student if you think you are an expert in some subject.

Write Monkey and Q10

Application of write monkey is important in reducing the time spent on writing since one is saving the period that could have been wasted by the use of mouse. If you don’t like using the mouse while working on a paper, you will love Write Monkey. It is made simpler by the use of safety keyboards hence making it easier and faster to write. It is important to pay full attention and try to stay away from distractions while writing. The application of user interface of Q10 provides the students with a peaceful study environment free of distractions hence allowing students to write faster. The students who incorporate the above tools in their daily writing would spend very little time as compared to students who still rely on the traditional methods of education.