Sample Sustainable Energy Essay Summary on Wind Energy in the US and UK

Wind Energy in the US and UK

The negative effects of fossil fuel energy on the environment have led to increasing shift towards more sustainable energy resources. With Regards to this shift, most countries that are aiming at changing energy use trends have begun to adopt wind   power as an alternative source of energy. In return, the international community also pushes countries that are reluctant to adopt alternative energy sources towards the use of wind power. The increased use of wind energy in the countries has been cited as detrimental to the reduction of global warming (Everett, 2012).

The use of wind energy began in the medieval times when wind was used in pumping water and grinding grains among other things. The use of wind energy began earlier than the 20th century and has been growing ever since. Wind turbines were used in energy production during the 20th century. Wind energy production is carried out through the rotation of a shaft that produces kinetic energy.

The rotating rotors are within a turbine comprising of copper wires which help in the generation of electricity. The electricity generated from the wind turbine travels from the nacelle through the cables into an underground cable. From there, it is distributed across the national grid. The use of wind energy in the last century increased immensely. One of the reasons cited for this increase is the effects of wind energy on global warming. The pressure to reduce environmental degradation through changes in towards sustainable energy resources has forced the country to shift more towards wind energy use.

Because of this, the country has heavily invested in the wind energy technology. This can be linked to the realization of the advantages that are associated with the use of wind energy. Despite the country’s efforts to engage in the use of wind power, the key challenge faced by the country is the presence of many companies, both local and multinational, which focus on energy production. However, most of the companies that offer resistance to the adoption of wind energy power have come to the understanding that wind energy is efficient. Other renewable energy sources such as tidal power and hydro power have also been established in the country.

Contrary to the scenario in the US, the wind energy use in the UK has achieved a high level of growth and sustainability. With over 4900 wind farms located both off shore and on shore, the   country has effectively mastered the aspect of wind energy. 5.3 percent of the total energy consumption in the UK (Nolan, 2012). The government of the UK has offered opportunities for the private sector to invest in wind power provision through offering incentives. This is also contrary to the US where the private sector is mainly in opposition to wind power. Wind power is the country’s second major source of renewable energy after biomass (Kolk, 2013).

Although the country’s major source of energy is natural gas, the use of wind power has taken center place in the achievement of the country’s major energy objectives. Due to the prevalence of renewable energy sources in the country, the policy makers in the country cannot be influenced unduly to pass laws that do not favor the industry.  In conclusion, the development in technology has played a key role in the application of wind power as a major source of energy. The implementation of wind energy use is however varied across different countries.



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