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Homework Question on Sports Marketing

  • The Washington Redskins have a waiting list of over 120,000 people who want to buy season tickets. The wait for tickets to the Masters Golf Tournament is an estimated 7 – 10 years.
  1. How much marketing of sports should be done when the products are already so popular?
  2. Is there a need for sports marketing?
  3. Describe your views, providing a sound rationale and/or supporting evidence

Homework Answer on Sports Marketing

Sports Marketing is a subdivision of marketing with the aim of promoting the team, the sports events and other services and products through teams andsporting events (Shank, 2005). Sports marketing main goal is to provide a platform where the client can strategize on how to promote a sport or something else other than sport through sport, it also helps meet the needs of consumers through exchange process. Sports’ marketing is not only meant for sports clubs and franchises that are doing poorly or less known or popular, it is an important part of sports development.

This essay indicates why sports’ marketing is still as important to a popular sports brand as it is to a lesser popular brand. In addition, it outlines incidences and reasons why maintaining sports marketing is still necessary for the team or franchise to maintain its status as a popular one. The study outlines the incidence of Washington Redskin that is already popular but it still continues to market the club.

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For the most popular sports’ teams in the world, they need to stay put and focus on long term impacts. A club might be popular at the moment, but it might become irrelevant in the future. As a result, the management has to continue marketing the club to caution its future endeavors. Similarly, the teams need to expand its popularity to the global area in order to maintain their status and to continuebuilding and expanding their fan base across the world (Shilbury, 2003). The signing of these best players is always expensive and without a wide range of revenue stream it’s hard to keep up the same status(Shank, 2005).