Sample Sports Essays On Personal Health Challenge

Homework Question on Personal Health Challenge

Learning Outcomes:

  • Relate healthy lifestyle profiles to decisions on personal health behaviours
  • Identify resources to support personal behaviour change
  • Locate and assess sources of information on an appropriate health issue and apply theinformation obtained to individual behaviour change
  • Length: No more than 2,500 words.

Background information:

Develop personal skills is identified by the Ottawa Charter as an important component ofhealth promotion. Individual factors such as lifestyle and behaviour, as well as knowledge,attitudes and beliefs are determinants of health. The interaction of these factors with genetic andenvironmental factors will influence personal health.

Homework Answer on Personal Health Challenge

Introduction and Rationale

Exercise is an important aspect of human life. Exercise and regular physical activity provide individuals with good physical, emotional, and psychological health, necessary for a long and fulfilling life. While many may consider regular exercise and physical activity as punishment, its benefits outweigh the punishment consideration, as regular physical activity and exercise help in controlling weight, combating diseases and health conditions, improving the mood, and enhancing sleep among other benefits.

With such remarkable benefits of exercising and physical activity, developing an exercise plan is a good habit for any individual who wants a healthy lifestyle. This paper will highlight studies on the benefits of exercise and physical activity, as well as draw a plan on exercising complete with goals necessary to drive the achievement of the drawn plan.Exercising was part of my regular routine as an individual. I was very active and exercised regularly.

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However, with marriage and children, and studying at the university, exercising became less of a priority as time was limited. With knowledge on the benefits of regular exercise and physical activity, it is important that I begin the routine once again to not only improve my health, but also be within the required BMI index.