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Homework Question on Current Issues and Future Concerns of Lacrosse Sport

  1. Write about the Current Issues and Future Concerns Lacrosse Sport organization faces.

Homework Answer on Current Issues and Future Concerns of Lacrosse Sport

Currently, lacrosse sport has a major problem facing their goalies. The sport lacks coaches and where coaches are available; they lack proper skills to carry out effective training. There a few known institutions that train coaches on lacrosse sport. Most goalies do not get effective training because where there are coaches; they have probably never been goalies themselves. This situation does not only affect the goalies alone but also the players. This has greatly affected the growth of the sport or any further developments especially in countries that have not adopted the sport (Tucker and Yakutchik, 2014).

Whereas the indigenous people of Canada played this game as early as 1700, this has not translated to the growth of the sport. The sport was not played on professional levels then. There is need to invest heavily on the sport. The lack of professionalism kills the sport (Fisher, 2002). The 2008 merger between the International Federation of Women’s Lacrosse Association (IFWLA) and the International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) to the Federation of International Lacrosse (FIL) were great developments for the sport.

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These were major developments in the sport. Several league games have been played including a successful a less than 19 world cup match played in Adelaide Australia. (“American Sport Education Program”, 2003).The establishment of the federation was intended to popularize and offer proper management of the sport for the 51 member states. The organization has also encouraged fans to watch the matches by offering free gifts at the gates to motivate them. The lacrosse sport is more appealing to blue-collar employees.