Sample Sports Essay on History of Performance Enhancing Drugs

History of Performance Enhancing Drugs

The aim of this essay is to examine the history of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). PEDs are often utilized in activities, such as athletics, football, basketball and baseball to mention just a few. These drugs have been around for long. Since people began to engage in competitive activities, such as sports, the urge to gain advantage over their competitors have always been there. Therefore, this has resulted in the use of the enhancing supplements and this has been recorded since the ancient epoch. Use of PEDs has been recorded to date back  to the ancient Rome period and is presently found in almost every competitive sport. Their use in sports is known as doping, which has become a very thorny and controversial issue.

In the early 19th century, many athletes commenced experimenting with different drugs to improve performance, as it was not illegal. However, there were dangers to this practice and soon laws were developed to curb this practice. The Olympics of 1896 involved widespread allegations of doping with drugs, such as strychnine and cocaine being used to enhance performance amongst athletes looking to win over their competition.

 In the early 1930s, Germans were able to synthesize testosterone that could be administered to their soldiers and it was suspected that they used to enhance the performance of their athletes in the 1936 Olympics held in Germany and thus Germany becomes the overall winner in terms of medals.

The use of known enhancing drugs in the present age emerged with the introduction of growth hormones in the 1980 by athletes. A number of athletes have used growth hormones because of its difficulty to detect and its enhancing capacities.