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  1. Write an Essay about History  in British Fencing Association and its corporate governance including reports or news relating to governance inquiries, and how the composition of the board has changed.

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Brief history British Fencing

Fencing is considered one of the oldest games in history and dates back to the Bronze Age when initial fencing images evidenced the use of swords as a sport appearing in an Egyptian temple (MedinetHabu), and featured the use of masks and referees. From the fierce Dark Age to the resurgent period, until the present period, fencing was a symbol of might and glory. To some, it was a way of life while others viewed it as a technique of showing personal expressions and releasing stress during leisure (Emmerick, & Adair 2010, p. 1854).

The Latin Manuscript, which originated from Germany, is only the ancient swordsmanship manual that ever survived and dated back to 1300 and is currently held in the Royal Armories Museum located in Leads. The manuscript stipulates how the sword and buckler were used though other ancient Italian manuals indicated the highly sophisticated fencing techniques developed by the medieval fencing masters (Emmerick, & Adair 2010, p. 1878).

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Later on the mid-16th century, most noblemen made sword tiring more stylish with the expansion of the long and tinny rapier that formed the foundation of modern fencing methods. For instance, in Spain, sword wearing was regarded as part of ordinary civilian dressing while in Italy, the rapier was considered more dangerous because it emphasized on hitting with the point and fatal thrusts.