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Homework Question on Spiritual Care

  1. Explain why spiritual assessment is important in terms of the “five Rs”: Reason, Reflection, Religion, Relationships, and Restoration.
  2. In your opinion, which is the most important and why? As a health care practitioner, how would you support the five Rs?

Homework Answer on Spiritual Care


Most health care providers agree that provision of holistic care to patients especially those suffering from terminal diseases is an important aspect of providing health care (Johnson, et al. 2011; Murray, 2010). These aspects include the caring of the physical, emotional, social, cultural and spiritual aspects of the patient (Stoter, 1995). Evidently, the physical, emotional, social and cultural aspects are usually well taken care of by nurses and other health practitioners while neglecting the spiritual care. This aspect of care is mostly delegated to spiritual leaders.

Aspects of Spiritual Care

Ian Govier (2000) broadly divides spiritual care into what is commonly known as the ‘five Rs of spirituality’:

  • Reason
  • Reflection
  • Religion
  • Relationships
  • Restoration

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According to Ian Govier, spirituality involves the process whereby the patient or the relative of the patient reflects and reasons why they have to go through such hard times. Reason and reflection usually appear together as they involve the process of soul searching so as to find the true meaning of the experiences at hand (Govier, 2000). Religion can be defined as the “vehicle for expressing spirituality through a framework of values, beliefs, and practices” (Govier, 2000) and at times provides answers to essential questions about life and death.