Sample Sociology Research Paper Summary on Social Impacts of Cell Phones

Social Impacts of Cell Phones

Sample Sociology Research Paper on Social Impacts of Cell PhonesCell phones, like many other technologies have both negative and positive impacts on the society. The use of cell phones has increased tremendously across the world. For instance, as at 2010, more than 290 million people in the US used cell phones. This number has since increased even more. There are various positive impacts associated with cell phones. For instance, the availability of cell phones has increased the efficiency of communication across the world. Cell phones enable people to communicate instantly, especially in the event of emergencies, through messages, various social media platforms and calls. This has enhanced communication as people mostly take shorter time to transmit messages of importance.

In addition to this, cell phones have also enhanced the learning process. This is because students can now access online resources such as books, novels, play as well as educational programs. Through constant reading and access to resources, the students can also improve their language and grammar. Moreover, cell phones also improve business skills as one can operate businesses from wherever they are. The mobile phone applications such as alarms, calculators and others all focus on improving the lives of the users (Bakke, 2010).

Despite the positive impacts of cell phones in human life, there are also various negative impacts associated with cell phone usage. First, it has been found that cell phones result in strained relationships between people. The cell phones also increase immorality among both young and old. This is because people get access to uncontrolled programs such as pornographic movies which they watch and may practice at times. The use of cell phones also results in various accidents as people use phones carelessly. Other negative impacts include the emergence of effects such as theft, murder and cyber bullying among others (Anna et al., 2006).



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