Sample Sociology Paper on Sociological Imagination

Sociological Imagination

Personal problems originate from acts of personal rights deprivation or threatening that may arise from disagreements. My personal trouble is in sustaining my marriage. This has led to several break ups that have dragged the family backward for a period of time. New marriages within my compound and area have taken the same direction. This trend is worrying to the leaders and government as well. It can be considered as a public issue in the sense that the rate of divorce is increasing at an alarming rate. This infers that children will be left with one parent to take care of them. Parenting becomes a difficult task in the event one spouse departs from the marriage simply because he or she has to perform all the duties of a parent to his or her child. Eventually, this kind of parenting creates room for improper behavioral learning experiences for the children (Mills 4). Inversely, behavioral attribute in the young generation is at stake because of poor parenting habits. As children grow, they will be less concerned and devoted to marriage institutions because of the precedence experiences and notion set by their parents.

Consequences of Marriage Break Ups

According to mills, a personal trouble can only be considered an issue when it affects a lot of people and goes out of hand. The effects of personal troubles extend beyond the individual level; they affect the whole community. Family institutions form the backbone of community and any society.  In the case a family is troubled with legal or moral issues, a community is indirectly deemed to suffer as well. Children follow what their parents do and behave with regard to different situation they face in life. To change their belief and behaviors, it requires transformation in terms of generational change. During a divorce, children suffer psychologically and emotionally an action that results to poor performance in school. Increased family breakages infer that many children will perform poorly in school and also in life (Mills 6). An increased trend of poor result is observed with many families going apart. This kind of a situation ceases to be a personal problem rather it becomes a public issue. This attracts public institutions to come in and offer a solution to the problem. In tackling the issues, government has to strengthen the families as institutions that are key contributors to all the troubles. This shows the devastation a marriage institution can bring into the community in the event of a break up. Reduced divorce level inversely results to improved level of performance in schools.


In conclusion, we find that a personal issue is indirectly connected to public issues in the sense that it affects the development of certain aspects in the society. Marriage institutions are central focal point for a community. In most cases, family development leads to institutional growth for the community and the society at large. Individual solution to family issues involves the realization and acceptance of a problem. Then, he or she will focus on similar cases on his exposure in the community. Social imagination comes in as a result of comparison factors between personal distresses with public distress. Social characteristics affect an individual behavior and thinking in a way that they tend to conform to the norms and beliefs of a community. Things that are generally accepted by the community find their way into an individual acceptance. Therefore, any effort to change the community should focus on the individuals living in the community.

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