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Homework Question on Importance of Socialization

  1. The memo should discuss the importance of socialization;
  2. It should be addressed to an “Iowa” ( It is a State in United States) law maker of your choice.

Homework Answer on Importance of Socialization


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Re: Importance of Socialization

The vital role socialization plays in any given society cannot be underestimated, as a form of human interaction; socialization enhances human personality and development of individuals into reliable members of the society. As a form culture, socialization enhances interdependence among members of the society through enhancing the use of language and other cultural practices.

People who socialize tend to have a different sense of thinking which enables them to make better judgment of issues that affect them or come their way. For growing individuals the main forms of socialization that are experienced are normally in three different contexts; the mass media, family and school. The values, beliefs and norms that a young person is presented with in these three contexts contribute to his/her growth and development in future.

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Children are the greatest beneficiaries of the various forms of socialization that we have and without socialization, they cannot develop with the necessary skills that are needed for better living. Children who grow up in environment where there is no socialization tend to portray signs of isolation as they cannot coexist appropriately with other people. The dangers of growing in isolation are to a larger extend harmful as they can lead to suicide and other heinous acts.