Sample Sociology Paper on Popular Culture

Popular Culture

Popular culture refers to the set of practices, objects, and beliefs that are dominant in a society in a particular period. Popular culture includes the events and perceptions that are attached to the interaction of popular objects. The development of digital mass media contributes significantly to the absorption and distribution of pop culture. Pop culture is considered trivial as individuals seek approval and acceptance from the mainstream.

Popular culture varies considerably from society to society and is mostly accessible to the majority in the community. Prominent examples of pop culture in contemporary society include American football games, rock concert, and baseball games. Popular culture contains events that are immediately available and easily consumable (“Chapter 3. Culture – Introduction to Sociology – 1st Canadian Edition”, n.d.). The development of mass media including television and radio programs help in the development of popular culture. Television programs that include crime dramas, soap operas, and comedies influence the way the society reacts to some real events. The development of digital technology has further increased access to media content forming the basis upon which the nation informs what is conforming and non-conforming. Too much liberalism on media content has infiltrated the moral standards of the community. The young generation that is closely associated with pop culture begins to copy the trends and fashions of film characters. Gradually, individuals start to act, reason, and behave like movie stars.

The development of popular culture has significantly influenced the way people interpret and present different situations. The influence of mass and social media has propagated the absorption of popular culture across different societies. Popular culture varies across nations and fits in different general cultures. The development of commercial media that includes music, movies, websites, television, and publishers are some of the channels of expressing popular culture in the contemporary society.


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