Sample Sociology Paper On Non-State Actors’ Conflict

Homework Question on Non-State Actors’ Conflict

Which form of conflict is worse – conflicts between states or conflicts involving non-state actors? Why? As part of your answer, be sure to give at least one example

Homework Answer on Non-State Actors’ Conflict

Conflict involving non-state actor is the worst form of conflict. These non-state actors vary from ethnic groups, local militia, armed groups, and criminal groups who often operate across national borders. These non-state conflicts are as a result of violent extremism against innocent people who are used as a shield while seeking government’s attention. Non-state actors’ conflicts have led to the rise Islamic state and other jihads.

Non-state actors’ war in Syria is the world’s gravest with its effects spreading across the region. Violent extremism that has resulted in the rise of the Islamic state, which controls a large part of eastern Syria, has led to inflicting casualties to civilians, children, and women. To date, the war has claimed over 40,000 lives from the different rival camps, 10 million people displaced and over 4.5 million people became refugees in the neighboring countries (Jenkins 28-36).

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Therefore, non-state conflicts emerge to be the worst by inflicting injuries, causing deaths, mental illness, trauma and psychological disorder to innocent citizens. The state lives in fear of attack at any time of the day. Notably, due to this internal conflicts, the Arab League suspended Syria’s membership in the organization. There were massive sanctions on the country thereby lowering its economic growth.