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Homework Question on Impacts Of Title IX

One of the better-known impacts of Title IX relates to gender equity in athletics. While only 1 in 27 girls participated in high school sports before the passage of Title IX the number has increased to almost 1 in 2 girls in high school athletic programs since.

  1. In your informed opinion, was Title IX a logical policy response to the problem of gender inequality?
  2. Did Title IX accomplish the intended goals for all women?
  3. Did Title IX impact your life in any way?
  4. What differences do you think there are between the way girls and young women view sports today compared to 40 years ago? In effect, has participation in sports changed women and their role in society?
  5. Other than Title IX, have other social changes have contributed to changes in perception? Please provide examples.

Homework Answer on Impacts Of Title IX

  1. In your informed opinion, was Title IX a logical policy response to the problem of gender inequality?

Title IX is an American federal law that that safeguards against any form of discrimination based on gender in the educational sector. This law was passed in 1972 with the main aim of advocating for gender equality more so among women and girls. As such, it focuses on providing equal chances for girls and women in terms of resources, benefits or federal financial educational assistance.

For example, this law provides women or girls in high school with the opportunity to participate in sports or athletics funded program.Title IX is considered a logical policy in addressing gender inequality due to various reasons. To begin with, the passage of this law has enabled more women to participate in sports. There has been an upward trend in the number of women who participate in sporting events like Olympics (Titleix, 2015).

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Previously, very few women engaged in sporting activities. For example, events like Sports 4 Life is considered a national effort aimed at encouraging young girls to engage in sporting activities like football, athletics, volleyball and basketball among others. Such events create awareness through public education on the importance of sports to girls and women. Secondly, women who participate in sporting activities have been able to gain scholarships though financial assistance provided by the federal government.