Sample Sociology Paper On Child Labor in Poor Countries

Homework Question on Child Labor in Poor Countries

  • Child labor is a difficult problem in poor countries especially in Africa. Those children have to work to finance their families.
  • Write a research paper about this topic  18 points will be divided as the following
  1. [8 pts] Idea development : organization, details, clarity of explanation and complete coverage.
  2. [3 pts] manuscript convention : title page, table of contents, footnotes and bibliography.
  3. [3 pts] support aids : graphs and tables ect ..
  4. [4 pts] writing conventions : sentence structure, grammar ect ..
  • Please follow the instructions! and don’t forget the graphs and tables and statistics.

Homework Answer on Child Labor in Poor Countries

Child labor is a condition where young children are recruited to work in homes, on farms, and hotels. It is work that is not supposed to be performed by children because of their age ( 1). This circumstance is popular in poor countries, but it is restricted in developed countries where it is considered unlawful and a violation of human rights. The history of child labor began during the Victorian era. During this era, children were required to labor in factories and mines.

Types of Child Labor

There are various kinds of child labor globally. Children are involved in manufacturing, mining, doing domestic work, begging on the streets, and taking part in various forms of construction. Other children are trapped in types of slavery in armed forces and other children work in order to repay debts incurred by their parents. Most of these are bad types of child labor because they are harmful, immoral, and violate the rights.

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Child labor is usually common in the informal sector of any given country. Some of the employers do not pay these children; they only give them a place to sleep and food. Children in the informal sector are not compensated when they fall sick or are injured; they can also not look for protection in case of any maltreatment or violence. Child labor is mainly contributed by poverty. The majority of the parents allow their children to work so that they can help them in providing basic needs.