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Homework Question on The Other Half

  1. According to the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), over one billion people in the world today are caught in the poverty trap. Identify key economic, social, or political reasons why some people within the developing world live on $1 a day.
  2. Next, determine at least three possible economic, social, or political steps that developing countries overall can take to extricate their poor citizens from this dilemma.

   Homework Answer on The Other Half

In numerous developing nations, the issues of poverty are huge and pervasive. The developing world, nonetheless, lack the necessary raw materials, knowledge, and abilities gained through formal training and education. Since these things are essential for the advancement of industry, developing world must depend on trade with developed world for manufactured merchandise, but they do not afford much.

Lack of education and absence of training are common in developing nations. Legislatures of developing nations cannot afford to accommodate public schools, particularly in rural regions. Though all kids in industrialized nations have access to education, just around 60 percent of kids in developing world even go to primary school. People from developing world also forego education to focus on making the minimal living. Moreover, developing world tend to have few job opportunities, particularly for women. Consequently, individuals may see little motivation for education.

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Changes in the labor markets in developing world have likewise contributed to expanded poverty levels. For example, the amount of moderately high-paying employments has declined, while the demand for specialists in service and technology-related businesses has expanded. Historically, individuals have taken in the aptitudes needed for occupations that include physical work either at work or through available school professional projects.