Sample Sociology Essays On The Movie “La Finesta Fronte”

Homework Question on “La Finesta Fronte”

  1. You have to watch the movie (La Finestra di Fronte).
  2. The book is Essential of Sociology( A down to earth Approach).
  3. The movie La Finestra di Fronteprovides many examples of sociological perspectives. Write a film analysis that explains how the movie connects with the themes/terms/ideas in the textbook. Use examples from the movie to provide a detailed analysis that illustrates your understanding of the material. You are welcome to include references to ANY sociological theme/term/idea from the textbook.
  • Paper Format: 2-3 pages typed, double spaced, 12 point font, alignment left, 1 inch margins, stapled.
  • Please indent the first line of every paragraph.

Homework Answer on “La Finesta Fronte”

The movie La Finestra di Fronte provides accumulated wealth of romantic unreturned love, family obligations, sexual desires and achieving what makes an individual happy in life. It propagates the idea of, in live each individual must search for a reason to inspire him/her to be a better individual and to live beyond the circumstances one finds him/herself.

This movie connects with several themes in the book, Essential of Sociology (A down to earth Approach) as discussed by James M. Henslin, some of the themes include the place of the family and marriage in the changing world, same sex relationships, Poverty, Learning personality, emotions and internal control, agents of socialization such family and the neighborhood and cultural wars. (Henslin, 1995)

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The movie opens with an argument between Giovanna and her husband Filippo, they argue about work, money, and sex a clear indication that their marriage is not working. The main component of family is marriage. Edward Westermarck, who wrote the classical three-volume History of Human marriage, concludes that marriage has been part of the social structure of all settled society. He mentions “marriage is the relation of one or more men to one or more women which is recognized by custom or law and involves certain rights, and duties both in the case of the parties entering the union” (Edward, 2001).