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  1. The impact of radio in American Culture

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Communication is one of the basic ways that man relates with the external world. Technology has made it possible for man to receive and give information via mass media. Print media was the first mode of mass media in America. In 1904, motion pictures and films were introduced leading to diminished popularity of print media. In the late 1920s, radio was introduced and it had a huge impact on the culture of Americans (Baughman, 2006).

The people preferred to adopt the listening culture as compared to the reading culture. This brought in the dimension of competition between the print media and radio. Radio became the major source of current news and the easiest means of advertisement. Statistics show that by 1934, half the population of American households owned radios. During this time, radio influenced consumer culture by airing the few products that paid for advertisements and neglected the products in the market that did not spend on advertising at all.

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During the World War I era, radio was one the most common medium of passing information. Radio became a culture-shaping factor in the political, business and entertainment arenas. Radio stations would majorly play music with several breaks for news broadcast and advertisements. Culturally, the Americans focused on local content ranging from children shows, sports commentary reports, and current news. Thus, Americans developed the culture of appreciating their local endowments. Radio shaped the personal opinions held by American.