Sample Sociology Essays On Sociological Factors

Homework Question on Sociological Factors that have influenced your life

  1. Write a short biography wherein you highlight the sociological factors that have influenced your life. Those could include social class, religion, race/ethnicity, position in the global social structure, or any other topics covered in the class.

Homework Answer on Sociological factors that have influenced your life

My personal behaviour falls within a variety of some behaviours being collective, some rare, some suitable, and some totally unacceptable. In sociology, conduct is common and is branded as having no significance, being not absorbed by other members of the society, which is the most important aspect in human achievement. I grew up in a society where behaviour of this type is not the same as social characters, which is a more radical action, as social behaviour is usually fixed at other people.

My adequacy of conduct hangs on communal customs and is controlled by numerous means of communal governor.Social standards are the key items in a group that develop how we behave and our attitudes. My behaviour differs dependent on the society i was related with, a characteristic of culture that permits to customs impact a society. Without social standards, my community would not purpose as it presently does; Reliant on the environment and upon the perspective, rules that influence the society in both positive and negative ways.

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The significant aspect of my human behaviour came from my religion. My faith can be demonstrated in the systems of attitude, ethos, belief and/or my individual faith and frequently marks how I act toward a particular issue.Also the kind of food that i had in different ethos and cultures affected the wellbeing of my persponality. Eating junks which some societies see as a status can be harmful for the wellbeing of the individual and community. Fatness can be looked at like a community factor in health and wellbeing when it comes to consumption what is being seen as being positive or that shows riches.