Sample Sociology Essays On Social Development in Adolescence

Homework Question on Social Development in Adolescence

  • Relationships with parents, siblings, and peers change during the adolescent years. Explain the role of parents and the parenting practices that enhance adolescent social development. Give examples of the role schools plays in social development. Describe the role of siblings and peers during this developmental period.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion in the paper. Secondly, offer thoughts to two different learner based on the following below.
  1. 1st learner: Mr. and Mrs. Brown have consulted you about their 13-year-old daughter, Joanne. She is not doing as well academically as she always did in elementary school. She seems to be involved with a popular crowd that is quickly moving into sexual experimentation and drug use. Describe the options that Mr. and Mrs. Brown have for helping their daughter navigate her early adolescence, based on available research.
  2. 2nd learner” Brian, age 15, has surprised and dismayed his Catholic parents by insisting that he is converting to Buddhism. It all seemed to start when he became friends with an Asian American boy at school whose family is Buddhist. Explain Brian’s behavior based on Seltzer’s theory of adolescent identity formation.
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Homework Answer on Social Development in Adolescence

Adolescence stage is the transition period from childhood to adulthood. Proper social development is critical in this stage because it shapes the behavior of the individual and prepares them to be dependable people in the society. At this stage of development, the child is experiencing changes both physical and emotional hence the society must guide them through the process so that they can be responsible adults (Smetana, 2010).

The process of socialization is done through various institutions in the society which include the family and learning institutions.  According to Broderick and Blewitt (2014), parents play an important role in social development of adolescents. At this period of development, the children are driven by curiosity and they want to experience many things in life such as sex and drug abuse. The parents offer them advice on these issues and help them get out of the problem if they are already affected.

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When parents are involved, they act as role models to the children hence giving them a chance to adopt good manners. Learning institutions also play a vital role in socializing adolescents. For example, they offer lessons on how people should relate with others outside the home setting. Evidently, mass media exposes adolescents to negative sexual behavior. The programs that are shown on TV such as advertisements and music have sexual content and it is presented with much hype.