Sample Sociology Essays On Globalization

Homework Question on Globalization

  • Write an essay that responds to the following questions.
  1. Write a minimum of two paragraphs for each of the following topics: (In many cases, it might take several well written paragraphs to successfully present your answer to the questions, topics, or issues AND display evidence of critical thinking.)
  2. Identify and explain the three types of “nations” discussed in the world systems theory and their variances related to income and life expectancy.
  3.  Discuss globalization and work using three semi-periphery nations, China, Mexico, and India as examples.
  4.  Explain the relationship with unions and sweatshops.

Homework Answer on Globalization

The world-system theory, which was designed by Immanuel Wallerstein, offers to explain the conflict that exists between rich and poor countries, as well as the core (center) and peripheral societies (Brinkerhoff, Ortega and Weitz, 2013). The world-system theory purports that the capitalist economy is responsible for dividing the global system into three key types of nations in a hierarchical order. These types include:

The core nations: These are rich countries with healthy economies and high levels of urbanization. They have strong military power and armaments, in addition to powerful central governments. Such countries include the US, Australia, Britain, and Japan. These countries high levels of technology, higher wages, and low exploitation of human labor. Life expectancy is quite high due to excellent health care facilities. Core countries are highly industrialized, control most of the world’s resources, and enjoy autonomy of power.

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Semi-periphery nations: These countries hang between the core and the periphery countries, both geographically and economically. Such countries include Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, China, and India. Semi-periphery countries are not as developed as the core nations, but play a vital role in economy and politics of both core and periphery countries. Such countries have medium level of income with an average life expectancy. Although such countries tend to have diversified economies, they are not leading in global trade. Semi-periphery countries often misuse peripheral countries just like they are being misused by the core countries.