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Homework Question on Exxon Mobil

  • Visit the website “We are All Criminals” here: (you may need to copy and paste the link into your browser, rather than clicking on it). Read through the cases and find one that interests you.
  • MAKE SURE the story you select has a section for a “Parallel story of someone who was caught” (it will be on the right side of the page, in a blue box). If there is no parallel story, select a different story to write about.


  1. Put the title of the story you select at the top of the page (for example “Social Worker: Assault”).
  2. In a short (1-2 paragraph) response, briefly summarize the stories (the main story and the parallel story), and discuss how a labeling theorist would identify each person. Which person is deviant? How has that label of deviant shaped their life? Think about the person who is not labeled as deviant–how might avoiding the ‘deviant’ label have shaped their life?
  3. Think about surveillance as a mechanism of social control. In a brief (1 paragraph) response, discuss how living in a carcereal culture shapes the probability that more individuals will become ‘deviant’ (using labeling theory’s definition of ‘deviant’?)

Homework Answer on Exxon Mobil


The focus of this research paper is on ExxonMobil Corporation, a U.S.-based multinational oil and gas company that is involved in the upstream (exploration and production), midstream (transportation of gas and oil), and downstream (refining and marketing of oil and gas products) operations in the global oil and gas industry. It is thus an example of an integrated major in this industry, meaning that it is involved in virtually all the main operations in the industry.

Accordingly, this research paper endeavors to determine how ExxonMobil prices its revenue and costs. Although the company is involved in multiple foreign operations, this essay will mainly concentrate on upstream and downstream operations and their contributions to the company’s profits. The research paper will also focus on the strategies sued by ExxonMobil to hedge against exchange rate risk. Based on this information, the paper will then examine the effect of decreases or increases in the exchange value of the dollar on the firm’s profitability.

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ExxonMobil’s Revenue and Cost Pricing

Revenue pricing for Exxon Mobil is a fairly tricky affair because the firm is not reasonable for setting prices. However, the firm makes use of scenario in Excel to achieve revenue pricing. First, the firm creates a “low” scenario for the projected price of oil per barrel or gas per cubic foot. For example $ 60 per barrel. A “middle” scenario is also created where the price per barrel could be projected at say, $ 90. A “high” scenario is also forecasted where the price of oil per barrel could be projected at $ 120.