Sample Sociology Essays On Evaluating Biasness in Research

Homework Question on Evaluating Biasness in Research

  • Read the article titled, “As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias,” located at
  • Review the six (6) rules of critical thinking (Chapter 1) and the steps of “Doing Sociology: A Student’s Guide to Research” (Chapter 2).
  • Student Success Tip: As you review the steps, jot a few notes or thoughts down. Relax and prepare to write a concise and accurate essay.

Write a one to two (1-2) page essay in which you:

  1. Identify the first step in the student’s guide to research.
  2. Define the first step of research in your own words.
  3. Identify the major assumptions and bias of the drug industry that underlie drug research.
  4. Identify the personal bias that you, as a consumer, have on the drug industry’s influence over research.

        Homework Answer on Evaluating Biasness in Research

The first step in the student’s guide to research is the need to define the research question. The student must have an idea of what he or she intends to carryout out a research on, this idea would turn to a topic. Coming up with a topic is a challenging topic and students are advised to take time and think about the topic they wish to work on. However, it must be noted that defining a topic should never take much of the research time.

Once a topic has been decided on, the student should then carry brief searches on the databases to see how other researchers approached the topic.Readers of articles on research carried by drug manufacturers usually assume that the information given out is the correct one. This is prompted by the fact that the sponsoring company maybe one that commands global respect, written by distinguished authors among other factors. Studies have however proved that such researches are full of biasness and their extreme side effects are often overlooked by the research.

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The biasness arises from the need by the drug manufacturers to not only improve the human life, but also to make profit. The biasness observed in such research is the main cause of the assumptions by doctors that such researches are doctored and cannot be relied on, this affects even research works without biasness. Many drug consumers never have the idea of the source of funding on research done on any drug that they use.