Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

I agree with you on the idea of domestic violence definition. Certain factors must be considered to determine whether an action leads to domestic violence. The factors are intended outcomes by the actor, physical assaults or stress caused, and emotional stress. In most cases, women are victims of domestic violence. In addition, male partners are also assaulted by people they are familiar with. The relationship between the victim and the offender inhibits the application of the law in defining the act. Most cases are resolved within the community or family setup.

Women and Crime

I agree with your idea about women victimization by police officers dealing with rape cases. It would be less strenuous for a woman to grapple with the outcome of the rape incidence than to engage in a court process. This is because of the fact that evidence needed to implicate the offender merely depends on the victim’s testimony. In most cases, rape victims suffer psychologically from the trauma caused by the act. The questioning session rekindles the experience of the fateful event hence affects the consistency of a case setting. My question would be, how could the governments lower the bar for determining a valid rape case for victims?

Sexual Assault

I concur with your perspective about women assaults by family members as well as the community members. The most insightful part of your discussion is about the arrest of a prostitute by police. My reaction to this issue is that the male chauvinism idea has dominated the world. Thus, women will always be victimized for a crime committed by both partners in an affair. The society blames women who participate in prostitution.