Sample Sociology Essay Paper on Challenges Presented by Pollution, Garbage, E-Waste, and Toxic Hazards

            Pollution involves the introduction of contaminants into the environment at higher levels that bring threat to the ecosystem. According to Openstax (461), two children die due to lack of sufficient clean water for drinking. Diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, bilharzia, and cholera result from the intake of contaminated drinking water. Water contaminants include sewage, agro-chemicals, radioactive wastes, industrial wastes, and excessive heat. Soil pollution is brought about by excessive use of agro-chemicals and less ground cover. This results in reduced farm yields that later bring food insecurity to most parts of the world. Air pollution occurs due to the release of harmful chemicals in the atmosphere (Openstax 463). Such air, when taken in by humans or animals, results in cell poisoning which results in breathing problems.

            Garbage management is a major issue especially in industrialized countries, especially with the dynamic technologies. As people purchase new gadgets and products, the old ones are discarded in the environment without following the set guidelines. None of the waste management practice is safe. For instance, incineration releases carcinogens from the burned plastics into the air resulting in smog and air pollution (Openstax 462). Plastics are non-biodegradable hence exist in landfills for many years, and as they accumulate to enormous levels, underground water is likely to be contaminated.

            E-waste composes of damaged electronics such as TVs and computers. Most electronics are designed to be outdated quickly hence need for replacement. The outdated or damaged electronics are composed of metals and chemicals, which are harmful to the environment if not disposed of appropriately (Openstax 463). Radioactive wastes from the nuclear power station is a threat to the environment (Openstax 464). Nuclear wastes pollute water, air, and soil and the heat radiations from the power station result in cancer.

            Greenpeace International is a non-governmental and non-profit organization in 40 countries located in America, Pacific, Europe, and Asia. It focuses on global threats to the earth’s environment and biodiversity, exposing people degrading the environment and challenging governments, which do not safeguard the environment (Britannica). The organization also preserve endangered species of both plants and animals.

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