Sample Sociology Essay Summary on Warren Edward Buffett

Warren Edward Buffet

Born in 1930 in Omaha, Warren Edward Buffet was the second son of a congressman and a stockbroker. The first business experience held by the renowned businessman involved the purchase of three city service shares which he later sold for $40 making $38 profit per share. The shares that he sold for $40 were later selling at $200 leading to a lesson in patience. He later owned his first newspaper sale business at age 13. By investing everything he earned, the businessman managed to purchase 40 acres of land in Nebraska by 14 years of age. He tried to join Graham and his father in vain but later joined the company as a stockbroker. Warren Buffet made most of his fortunes through partnerships.

From being a stockbroker at Graham’s company, Warren Edward Buffet managed to meet and create partnerships with different people. Eventually, his partnerships bore the fruit of purchasing shares at Berkshire Hathaway. The textile company made him capable of purchasing two insurance companies which changed his fortunes entirely (Train 42-54). By the time that Warren Buffet split the shares, he personally had in excess of $107000 (Drexler 57).

Berkshire Hathaway continued to grow, eventually paying out the first dividends in 1967. By 1973, Warren Buffet had stocks in the Washing ton Company, stocks in the EBC company and assets worth $400 million. This brought him to Forbes’s top 400 list. He also bought shares in the Coca- Cola Company. Currently, Warren Edward Buffet engages in mostly philanthropic activities, donating to charities. At more than 80 years old and a billionaire, Buffet engages in a conventional life style, dining in the common restaurants, drinking Coca-Cola and engaging in more charitable courses.

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