Sample Sociology Essay Sample on Victimology


The police play an important role in the maintenance of peace, security and order in the community (, 2013). The roles of the police are diverse across different nations. Similarly the mode of operations of the police also differs across the nations. In some countries, the police operate independently while in others they operate as an oversight authority in controlling the government policies. While the role of the police is to maintain justice and protect the citizens of the country, the police in some countries act in complete violation of human rights.

This however happens mostly in countries undergoing post conflict situations. In order to transform the operations of the police, organizations in charge of the police fraternity should be focused on developing a culture that respects human dignity within the police force. Through community consultation and trainings on human rights, it will be possible to achieve lower crime rates, improved law compliance and increased public confidence in the police authority.

Apart from the police, it is also essential to study the roles associated with the prosecutors. The role of the prosecutors is not limited to looking for convictions. On the contrary, they are also tasked with administering justice systematically and upholding the rule of law by ensuring that all accused are given fair trials in the justice system. They are supposed to promote transparency and fairness in the justice system. In order to help the prosecutors to perform their roles in a better way, the criminal justice system should focus on the provision of information that helps prosecutors to make informed decisions. This is because the prosecutors are to evaluate evidence and determine their appropriateness in any case. The system should provide sufficient training to enhance the same (, 2013).


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