Sample Sociology Essay Summary on Minority Groups

Minority Groups

Minority groups are also referred to as splinter groups. These are groups of people that have distinctive features from the more dominant groups in the society but co-exist with the dominant groups. Splinter groups are culturally, socially, and/ or ethnically distinctive from the general population. Minority groups are not only often fewer than the dominant groups but are also less powerful than the dominant groups. This means that the minority groups’ opinions are insignificant towards political decision making. The minority groups follow regulations and rules laid down by the dominant groups.

There are several minority groups across the US. For instance, the African Americans are among the most minority groups in the US. They are believed to have descended from the African slaves who originate from the West and Central African regions during the 16th century. They are considered inferior to other Americans and thus treated differently. Apart from this, this section of the population also struggled with unequal opportunities and racism before the reconstruction period. This led to the enhancement of the perception of minority inferiority significantly.

The experiences that such people have with respect to living in the country inform the decisions they make immensely. For the African Americans, their inclusivity in the community only began to increase after the reconstruction period. In the contemporary times, the African Americans have gained continued support to be incorporated into the society. Through equal employment opportunities, education and other social services, the African Americans have continued to gain recognition in the larger American communities. However, there are still instances when they are discriminated against based on association to poverty. Because of the difference inaccessibility to health facilities, discrimination concerning crimes and various other social indifferences, the African American society still feels like a minority group.



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