Sample Sociology Essay Summary on Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Cultural diversity refers to a situation where different cultural beliefs, values, practices, and strategies exist within a single environment. Different social varieties existing within a single social unit comprise a diverse cultural system. In the present day social systems, varieties in ethnicity, race, gender and other social factors are prevalent. However, the aspect of cultural diversity should be explored in the work place to ensure it benefits the organizations rather than causing detrimental effects.

First, understanding cultural diversity is important as it helps to avoid misunderstandings between employees having diverse beliefs, abilities, interests and other cultural backgrounds (Krizan, 2011). Cultural differences such as language and ethnic practices may reduce due to interactions within a culturally diverse work place but cannot disappear completely. It is important to understand cultural differences to avoid instances of discrimination. Discrimination in this regard implies to the low treatment of others due to cultural differences.

Discriminatory practices in the work place may include aspects such as failing to hire or promote persons from a particular cultural sub group. Through increased interactions in the work place, group relationships within the work place can be weakened leading to reduced discriminatory practices. Group interactions that arise due to cultural differences can lead to interactions between the management and the other employees. Through this, the management can get to understand the existing cultural differences and thus see them as a basis for organizational success. Reduced misconceptions about personal efficiencies and differences can result in improved organizational productivity and efficiency. Through entertaining cultural diversity, mediators in the work place are bound to have boosted roles as they will be engaged in providing solutions to conflicts that arise due to cultural differences. Educational programs may also be planned to help create awareness on cultural diversity (Tchibozo, 2013).




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