Sample Sociology Creative Writing Paper Summary on Social Stratification

Social Stratification and Social Status

Social stratification is described as the classification of people according to their social, political, economic and ideological beliefs associated with them. Social stratification is a creation of the society and not individual creation. As a matter of fact, people do not choose where they are born and to whom they are born. Social stratification comes about due to the society’s perception rather than a manifestation of individual differences. It therefore portrays social inequality and represents differences in social beliefs. Social status on the other hand refers to the ranks possessed by an individual in a society. While others may find themselves in a caste system naturally, others acquire a given social status due to inheritance or due to working for it on their own. Social stratifications lead to inequalities in social settings through the sharing of resources.

The relationship between gender positions and class positions has been the subject of discussion among many sociologists (Anthisa 835 – 836). Racial differences form a basis for sharing of wealth as well as resource allocations within the society. Racial segregation results in various impacts. This is because it results in segregation, limitation of economic opportunities and creation of employment problems among people of different social classes. The people who form the same social class usually comprise of people within the same economic level. However, people cannot be divided permanently due to the differences between them, especially in terms of gender and ethnicity. Different social strata exist based on ethnicity and race. The difference between Marxism and Capitalism is also described in terms of social stratification through the argument that capitalism brings together those who belong to the class that owns the means of production (Brianna para. 2).


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