Sample Sociology Coursework Paper Summary on How Socialization has Affected Gender Roles

How Socialization has Affected Gender Roles

Socialization refers to meeting new people and associating with them in different ways. The aspect of socialization is believed to contribute to changes in personal traits in various ways. The distinction between the biological differences between ma le and female persons which constitute sex and the social constructions that define gender is necessary (Crespi, n.d). This is in order to avoid the confusions that arise from the use of either of the words. Gender roles refer to the roles associated with a particular biological construction. Gender roles are created by the society as stereotypes. Because of this, there are certain roles associated with particular genders. This at times limits performance of people in that they fail to participate in the activities they like or prefer due to the stereotypes imposed by the society on those roles.

Stereotypes are generally created through the roles divided by parents during upbringing. While fathers concentrate on the education of children in terms of the expectations, mothers begin the alignment earlier on through the differentiation of toys and other aspects of upbringing. Communication practices within the family also help the children to create perspectives about what is considered right and normal. For instance, some families may have greater educational demands on sons than on daughters. The level of traditional alignment associated with parents determines the trend that the children will follow.

Individuals are born with existing biological distinctions of gender (Muehlenhard, 2011). However, the society and their socialization levels continue to shape their outcomes. Expectations of the society are aligned by sex, and failure to adhere to such expectations can lead to social pressure to conform to certain gender roles. While the sex may be changed through hormones or surgery, such changes are shunned by the society.


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