Sample Social Work Services On Prevention Efforts

Homework Question on Prevention Efforts

  • Students will use these questions to prompt critical thinking related to the role of prevention in health care and the use of evidence based practice (including screening tools) in the field of addictions. Students should be prepared to discuss their essay answers in a group format.
  • This 1-2 page essay needs to be submitted in a Word document to Turnitin, using APA style.
  1. Why are prevention efforts needed in the addictions field? Describe two prevention efforts being used in your home community, including the program name, population served, and intervention.
  2. Explain the role of “evidence based practice” at all phases of intervention in the addictions field. Why is it important to used valid and reliable assessment tools, such as the AUDIT and DAST)?
  3. How do you know if a screening tool or intervention model is evidence based?

Homework Answer on Prevention Efforts

Prevention efforts are needed in the addiction field to reduce the impact of substance abuse which might lead to development of mental disorders developing behavioral health conditions for individuals. In local communities, the most common prevention methods are the evidence based practices including early interventions that addresses the need for the affected individuals to have medication as in extreme conditions these forms of addiction have tragic results such as poverty, impairments, suicide, unemployment and homelessness.

We also have programs that have been established in communities either public or private that support community coalitions with an aim of reducing substance abuse among a specific population for instance the youth. In most cases, the youth are the most affected with addiction and it is the belief of most community based organization that reducing addiction among the youth is pivotal in managing the vice among the general population.

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Evidence based practices are important in ensuring that the community puts up specified efforts towards a specified problem that affects the community. Enacting comprehensive efforts that address issues such as cultural beliefs provide an effective guidance that enables the society to handle the problem with ease.  Evidence based practices also enable societies to address some behavioral disparities that are common in communities which affect individuals that are regarded as minorities in the society on grounds of races, sexual orientation and ethnic groupings.