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Homework Question on Best International Practice For People With Disabilities

  • International Best Practice According Labor Policy For People With Disabilities Best international practice for at least 3 countries.
  1. What are the centre that they have to training the people with disability for work
  2. All the information of the center that have the best practice
  3. Information about the center  – people at the centre
  4. What they provide
  5. What is the good outcome from it
  6. What is the facilities that the centre have
  7. What are the courses or development that they give PWD
  8. What are the categories that they have
  9. What are the process of people from entering the centre till they leave
  10. What are the group or the workers that they work with PWD

Homework Answer on Best International Practice For People With Disabilities

The paper will provide a comprehensive analysis of three countries with international best labor practices. It will also analyze the programs available for the people with disability to work. Over the years, the rate of disability in America has been on the rise. The federal government has been spending a lot of money on cash payments for disabled persons. Thus, the government has sought to develop centers and programs to cater for increased demands for jobs among the disabled persons.

Some of the programs include retraining and education programs necessary for effective job creation in the society. According to the Department of Labor, the U.S has a strong commitment towards training people with disabilities to help them engage in employment. As a result, the paper will analyze the various programs used in handling workplace discrimination of people with disability.

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The Employment and Training Administration (ETA) is appropriate programs that provides funds and grants for maintaining employment. The former presented of the U.S George created the Department Office of Disability Employment Policy used in integrating people with disabilities into the work force. The United States also provides online disability training with updated information to train employees (Baynton, 2013). In the United States, many centers deal with the challenges facing the people with disabilities.