Sample Social Work Paper On Public Agency Perspectives on Policy

Homework Question on Government and Public Agency Perspectives on Policy

  • Government and Public Agency Perspectives on Policy(Child Sexual Abuse)
  1. Consider how you will incorporate the information and resources into your paper about government and public agency involvement in addressing social issues.
  2. Assignment (2 pages, APA format): In addition to a minimum of eight scholarly references, which may include electronic government documents and reputable websites, your paper should include:
  3.  A description of the level of government and public agencies that are in place to address child sexual abuse
  4. An explanation of the services the government and/or public agencies deliver and how they are delivered for the issue of child sexual abuse
  5.  An explanation of whether these social services are effective for the issue of child sexual abuse

Homework Answer on Government and Public Agency Perspectives on Policy

The primary government agency that respond to reports concerning issues of child abuse are the Child Protection Services (CPS) (Schene, 2010). At the state level, the agency operate within the state and county departments of social services. At the state or county levels, it mostly uses different names that try to encompass family matters as well as the children issues such as the department of children and Family Services (DCFS) also known as Department of Social Services (Schene, 2010).

Their functions are funded through the state or local authorities and governed by state statutes but are also shaped by federal guidelines, legislations and financial support (Smith and Donovan, 2003). The CPS work at local levels is carried out in close coordination with the law enforcement agencies, courts and local social service providers (Goldman, Salus, Wolcott, and Kennedy, 2003).

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The core services include investigating reports of ill-treatment and abandonment of children, supervision foster care, adoption services and licensing facilities involved with child care. Other varied services are child care, youth programs, child support protections, cash assistance and employment programs. In the case of abuse reports and neglect, CPS staffs are required to determine the validity of allegations made, identify the conditions of all the children in that home as well as the perpetrator (Aarons and Palinkas, 2007).